Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tools for A.R. Drone

I finally released some tools for A.R. Drone:
  1. libplf - A library to read / write plf files
  2. plf_inst_extract - A tool to extract and patch a ardrone_installer.plf from a given ardrone_update.plf
  3. usb_flash - A tool to flash a ardrone_update.plf over USB. This tool requires:
    1. ardrone_update.plf - the firmware to flash
    2. ardrone_installer.plf - can be obtained from ardrone_update.plf with plf_inst_extract
    3. ardrone_usb_bootloader.bin - was delivered with the old flash tool. I will probably write an open-source boot loader sooner or later.
Have a look at my goolge code project:

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